J. Manuel Herrera, an elected official in San Jose/Silicon Valley, envisions the transformation of the public square in our communities and an emerging 21st Century politics that is whole, generative, and personally transformative.

In the 21st century, we will bring not just rational intelligence to community life, but also emotional intelligence – the intuitive knowing of the heart – and spiritual intelligence, the guiding wisdom of an innate power within us.

~ J. Manuel Herrera

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The life process reveals mystery and paradox, transmutes conflict into higher possibilities, and compels us to evolve to higher potentials. Join with Manuel in his mission to rebuild the foundations of democracy by integrating the life process with the public process, to accomplish In our life times the transformation of politics and the public process, and the emergence of heart, soul, and spirit in our public life.

J. Manuel Herrera
830 N. Capitol Avenue
San Jose, CA 95133

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J. Manuel Herrera

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